Network Planning & Deployment

Managing existing and future needs

Today's business environment may require access to branch offices, tele-workers and mobile employees. It is important to keep your communications and data safe from prying eyes. Wide area network (WAN) and VPN connectivity needs to be secure and encrypted. We work with most Telecom and CLEC broadband providers to ensure your current and future needs are meet. Bandwidth planning, fail-over/load balancing options and future expansion requirements are just a few of the issues that contribute to a robust and reliable network. Voice quality, QOS, and latency issues need to be addressed when planning a VoIP solution and in today's competitive business environment, and success in the only result that matters.

We have the tools and the knowledge to analyze your current network needs and the experience to plan for future scalability. Heads-UP engineers have many years of experience implementing secure site to site and remote access solutions. We also provide Cat5/6 Ethernet structured cabling and wireless access points for comprehensive LAN/WAN network solutions. We install network routers, switches, FAX servers, printers, and other network devices to maximize your productivity. Higher productivity delivers lower costs which maximizes profits! Contact us to discuss your needs today!

Connectivity and Internet Access

Whether you’re seeking new service or expanding existing service, or desire a system that unifies several offices across the country, you can come to us. We represent multiple carriers with a wide variety of connectivity options. Examples include: Metro-Ethernet, MPLS circuits, T-1, Cable broadband, DSL, VoIP, and SIP trunks. We don’t just get you pricing, we get you multiple options that meet your current and future needs. You’ll receive a competitive quote for a comprehensive solution. By partnering with over 50 providers we ensure you get a robust solution for data and Internet.