Data Backup/Restoration

Data Backup

When was the last time you made an image of your hard drive? What do we mean by image? An image is an exact copy of your existing hard drive with all operating systems, applications, updates, serial numbers, etc. It is the fastest way to recover from a disk failure. You don't have to find the operating system or application CDs or DVDs, you don't have to spend time downloading all system patches and updates, and if you purchase software via an online download, you won't have to purchase it again!

Most computer hard drives could fail without notice. By the time you hear the bearings squealing it's probably too late. An event as simple as a power surge can damage the electronics on your data storage device. Data backup and restoration should be accomplished with a plan. You've probably heard the phrase; “plan your work and work your plan”. While hard drive size steadily increases, reliability does not. Network attached storage (NAS) pricing has dropped significantly making it affordable for even the smallest of businesses. Protecting your data is more important than ever. When you lose a hard drive the ability to quickly restore your data is of the utmost importance. With increasing regulations such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley the need for reliable data protection may be required by law.

24 x 7 Redundancy/Reliability

Heads-UP can provide solutions that deliver 24 x 7 redundancy and reliability. Redundant hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap hard drives and realtime system imaging, combined with raid technology will ensure your mission-critical applications are always accessible. Heads-UP combines disaster planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business is prepared. Don't be a statistic. Contact us to schedule an analysis of your disaster preparedness.