Heads up direct provides our clients with a powerful video surveillance solution to guard against theft, vandalism, accidents, and unauthorized building access. By using our network-based video surveillance solutions you can have the peace of mind in knowing your employees and physical assets are safe and secure.

Camera Monitoring and Control

Operate and control four, eight, or 16 cameras from a single application. With some surveillance systems you need to purchase separate video monitoring software that can dramatically increase the cost of the solution. Our systems include the camera monitoring control suite for up to 16 cameras at no extra cost. We offer a wide variety of cameras, storage devices, and accessories to fit the needs of any small business. Indoor/outdoor capability, daylight or infra-red night-time operation.

Our team will conduct a detailed on-site survey of the areas you need to monitor, and determine the best type of cameras, enclosures, data storage and networking to meet your security needs. We offer installation services including infrastructure cabling, network integration of cameras, and will train you on how to best use your new video surveillance system the provide ongoing technical support.To get started contact us directly at 404–478–2040, option one for sales.