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  • penny per minute

    Reduce your telecom bill by 50% or more.

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  • 24 x 7 Reliability

    Your Data is priceless

    Disaster planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business is prepared. Don't be a statistic.

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  • Remote Support

    Managed Services

    Remote Administration for repair and updates – 24/7 access to remote computers and servers

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  • Remote Access

    VPN Solutions

    Keep all remote access encrypted and secure with Authenticated Access to Applications and Data.

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  • Network Security

    Firewalls and Anti-Virus

    Prevention is much easier than the cure. What ports are open on your network?

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  • Virtualization

    Unmatched flexibility and performance

    Reduce your energy needs, lower electricity costs and simplify disaster recovery.

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  • Cellular Option

    Maintain Connectivity

    Internet (WAN) Fail-over (99.999% Uptime), or Primary Internet without wires, PCI Compliant, fast deployment.

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"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!"

To achieve maximum savings and to be able to successfully meet business needs, it is essential that an accurate measure of existing assets be taken.

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Cost effective IT solutions for your business!

Throwing money at IT problems will not solve them without a competent analysis of your businesses needs, assets, and goals. We take a different approach, our focus is on cost reduction and improved efficiencies. With over 30 years experience starting from the days of dumb terminals up to today's newest technologies, our highly competent engineers partner with you to attain the goals of maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Peter Drucker, the well-known management consultant stated, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it". Pouring money into servers, storage, and other infrastructure without any real consideration or planning can waste financial resources. To achieve maximum savings and to be able to successfully meet business needs, it is essential that an accurate measure of existing assets be taken. Network, server and workstation diagnostic software and tools provide insight into current performance. Our engineers know how to use these tools to save you money. Once there is a clear understanding of what is currently in place we can assess if assets are underutilized, need to be upgraded, or virtualized. Our approach is to be the IT partner that assists you in meeting your goals.

Computers are nothing more than tools, that are used across a wide variety of business for many different needs. Whether it's retrieving inventory, patient records, billing/accounting data, or legal briefs; they require maintenance to operate at maximum efficiencies. Computers have become necessary tools to stay competitive in today's business environment. Just like you change your HVAC filter, computers require maintenance to operate efficiently.

Ask any mechanic why they spend money on tools. They'll tell you the right tool makes the job easier and a worthwhile investment. The more complex the tool, the more they require maintenance to operate at maximum efficiencies. But a hand tool doesn't lose 10 years of data in 10 seconds. When this concept is applied to your computer as a tool, it's a good decision to keep current on operating system, antivirus and malware software updates. We provide remote support services to keep you current because, hardware is replaceable, but data is priceless.

Our engineers understand that each business is unique, with its own workflow. Our systems experience and industry best practices are combined with today's technology to maximize your productivity which translates into a lower cost of doing business. We've provided cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of industries, from healthcare, legal, accounting, and product distribution, and many more.

As one of our clients you'll have your very own IT department staffed with experienced computer professionals with wide ranging industry experience and proven cost-effective solutions to focus on your needs.

Would you rather spend $800.00 or $6000.00 to solve a problem?

A medical client contacted us regarding slow computers, this multiple location practice was using a hosted software solution and relied 100% on their Telecom provider for not only Internet access, but access to all medical records. When this physician's practice complained to the Telecom provider they proposed doubling the provided bandwidth which also doubled their monthly cost. We reviewed the workstations software usage and discovered that the hosted vendor pushed very large XML files under the Microsoft.net framework. The only way these workstations would perform at higher efficiencies was to increase the workstation RAM to allow for local applications and the large XML files. After the RAM increase staff complaints of slow computers ceased.

Doubling Internet capacity was not the proper solution. Without competent analysis this medical client would have increased their yearly overhead cost by over $6000.00 (ongoing every year), when upgrading RAM and a few motherboards solved the problem permanently for much less!