Cellular Broadband Solutions

Network Outages Happen... but you can plan for them.

If your business stops when your Internet connection stops you’re left exposed to lost revenue, productivity declines, and customer service issues.

If your business needs to be “always connected”, a cellular broadband WAN fail-over connection can solve that problem quickly and at a lower cost than redundant wired alternatives.

Our solutions automatically detect service failures on wired connections and provides 3G/4G/4G- LTE network connectivity. This fail-over coverage automatically provides the non-stop Internet access you need to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Wired Internet connections can experience service disruptions due to construction related cable cuts, down telephone lines, or severe weather. Industry studies show that 60% of network failures are due to human error, and squirrels account for 20% of T-1 damage. Contractors or construction crews don't always call cable or utility companies before digging! With 3G/4G mobile broadband fail-over you can instantly recover from a wired service outage and automatically switch back over to wire connections when repairs have been completed. PCI – DSS 3.0 compliance ensures credit card processing remains secure and functional during wired service outages. Heads-UP Direct IT Services is an authorized reseller for all the major cellular broadband carriers. We can provide a complete solution including an appropriate data plan to meet your needs.

Cellular Broadband used for Primary Internet Connection

Set up a network any-time and just about anywhere with 4G/4G-LTE mobile broadband connectivity.

For a temporary network, examples may include: an outdoor sporting event requiring ticket sales and credit card transactions, a kiosk at a community event for the weekend, or a construction site that requires surveillance until the job ends.

For a more permanent network, examples include: a mountain cabin or a seaside beach house with unreliable and expensive wired Internet connections, an ATM, or a digital sign which requires Internet connectivity. For any of these examples a 4G/4G-LTE mobile broadband router enables you to quickly connect to the Internet and set up a network in places that never had Internet access in the past.

Location, Location, Location... speeds will vary!

The image to the left is an actual screen capture of the speed and bandwidth possibilities within a 4G-LTE coverage area. Our cellular broadband routers would connect to the same cellular towers, but would allow you to set up a local area network with features such as: site to site VPN, dynamic DNS, DHCP, and wireless LAN with access controls. Our solutions are carrier agnostic and include an integrated modem with built-in high gain antenna for commercial grade reception and bandwidth. Bandwidth testing prior to deployment is critical to ensure your needs are met. If you’re in an area that receives 4G-LTE coverage your speeds will be comparable with cable and will be far superior to DSL or T-1’s. Call us to discuss your needs. We are an authorized reseller for all the major cellular broadband carriers and can provide a complete solution including an appropriate data plan to meet your needs.