About Us

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HEADS-UP provides IT, network, and computer support for small and midsize businesses. We understand the needs of small to midsize businesses and our computer support engineers thrive in those environments. We have a proven track record of implementing creative solutions that get enterprise class results without the enterprise class price tag. Our entire business is designed to achieve one thing: to provide you with expert, fast and friendly service at a cost you can afford.

As one of our clients you'll have your very own IT department staffed with experienced computer professionals with wide ranging industry experience and proven cost-effective solutions to focus on your needs. Should you need domain controllers or application servers, wired or wireless network infrastructure, network printers, secure and encrypted VPN, remote access solutions, or VoIP. Our staff has the industry experience, training, and tools that will allow you to get back to concentrating on what you do best – – running your business!

For companies with an in-house IT staff and resources we can provide specialized services to assist for special projects.

Our Approach

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!

Peter Drucker, the well-known management consultant stated, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it". Pouring money into servers, storage, and other infrastructure without any real consideration or planning can waste financial resources. Network infrastructure, server and workstation utilization software and tools provide insight into current performance. Our engineers know how to use these tools to save you money.

To achieve maximum savings and to be able to successfully meet business needs, it is essential that an accurate measure of existing assets be taken. Once there is a clear understanding of what is currently in place we can assess if assets are underutilized, need to be upgraded, or virtualized. Our approach is to be the IT partner that assists you in meeting your goals.

Throwing money at IT problems will not solve them without a competent analysis of your businesses needs, assets, and goals. We take a different approach, our focus is on cost reduction and improved efficiencies. With over 30 years experience starting from the days of dumb terminals up to today's newest technologies, our highly competent engineers partner with you to attain the goals of maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.